Shervin pishevar dating

12-Jan-2020 10:35

Pishevar is the board chair and co-founded the company with Bam Brogan.

But Bam Brogan abruptly left the company last week without explanation, replaced by Josh Geigel as the new co-founder and CTO.

The lawsuit also accused Shervin Pishevar of using company money to overpay a public relations consultant he was dating at the time and Bam Brogan personally accused Afshin Pishevar of threatening him by placing a noose at his desk.

H1 executives counter-sued for 0 million, accusing Bam Brogan of launching a smear campaign and claiming he and the other employees had conspired to undermine the work being done, calling them a “gang of four.” However, these legal matters seemed to have been resolved today and Hyperloop One tells us it “looks forward to continuing to execute on its business plan.” A source close to the matter has also sent us an internal letter circulated company-wide this afternoon from CEO Lloyd addressing the lawsuit.

Neither Hyperloop One or Bam Brogan were available for comment at the time we first published but Hyperloop has added a comment on the suit below.

According to a source familiar with the matter, things had been tense at the top for some time.

As a famous angel investor and venture capitalist, Shervin Pishevar owns stakes at many promising start-ups, especially in IT business.

He’s also an executive chairman of Hyperloop One which he helped to found.

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