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15-May-2020 03:12

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I may be ignorant for thinking this but I believe that interracial dating is the key to one day ending racism.

I believe that if more and more people decide to date outside of their race we will one day only have one race of people.

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They are inspiring to to those who feel that things cant change and those who want to give up after many harsh objections and sacrifices that have seemingly been for nothing.

Because they didnt give up and were willing to sacrifice to be treated with respect, it is evident that with perserverance and will, anything is possible.

Judge Leon Bazile sentenced the couple to a year in jail but suspended the sentence for 25 years on the condition they leave the state and not return together during that time. For this reason, I felt it necessary to honor the passing of Mildred Loving on May 2nd of this year.

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Many people have compared their case to the cases of the same sex couples currently fighting for equal rights and recognized marriage.The Commonwealth of Virginia handed down such punishments in the 1950s to couples whose love the state did not sanction: She was black; her husband, Richard, was white; and their union was prohibited by law.

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