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Keirii: -stares at chara in front of self-New chara: Ano... Dream: -blinks and fiddles with baggy sleeves of hoodie- Ano... She should be able to deal with that type of stuff herself. But can she even do it Amu can't find a Halloween costume she likes but when Ikuto suddenly drops in, he gives Amu a great idea. Little does she know that she will get a huge surprise from a drunken Roy. Now with his own human form they both have to deal with new freedom and loss, as well as unfimilar feelings. slight Sx M and Kx CBecause even saints have their limits and Penelo knows she can never compete. Amuto Rukia's a Marshall and Ichigo is her unbelievably good looking witness. When Arcadia Morreno receives her first dare she is less than impressed to find herself tasked with seducing Draco Malfoy. Vidina x OCRiza goes to pick Roy up from the bar in what she deems as the typical Friday night. ROYAIChronax Ragnarok, In the battle to bring Chrona back, she becomes seperated from Ragnarok. But what happens when a certain little king finds out after he's been trying to win her heart? Mainly Ikarishipping/Contestshipping/Pokeshipping and minor Zoeyx Kenny! When Karin answer's Hitsugaya's door, Ichigo is pissed. There was a time in a father's life, where he would have to bring The Talk. " Oh God forbid him from having any more babies in the family.

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Nagihiko (because Ali-chan was gonna kill me if I didn't put him in the list)Top 4 Characters I despise:1. Now, General Riza Hawkeye reports to Headquarters for her first day in her new office. Haruhi XTamaki Yesterday was a day of national celebration. Will they find the killer or end up killing one other? But don't be fooled; it's not all sunshine on daisies. To make matters worse she has to deal with the new transfer student whose favourite past time seems to be stalking her. She was going to give that guy a piece of her mind! Fred x OC, George x Luna100 different themes, 100 different chances, 100 different memories that show what life as techs and weapons are really all about...twisted, romantic, crack events and all - Mainly Soulx Maka, side BSx Tsu and other characters/pairings sprinkled in Ichiruki.

Kusu Kusu Future Fics Shugo Chara: Fact Starts With Fiction Amu is an experienced authoress on when suddenly some random bozo starts critisizing her fics-and not in a good way! She narrowed her eyes suspiciously...maybe it was Kukai playing a joke on her or maybe Rima? You've messed up the canon character's personalities, your original characters are mary-sue-ish, your plot is all over the place and your grammer reminds me of grade school. Blushing she glared at the screen and hastilly grabbed the mouse on her right. Now in order to save his soul, the twins must solve a series of murder mysteries that will lead them to a dangerous secret stretching deep into the vault of the Founders' history. He descended his mouth upon hers, tantalizingly slow, and massaged her lips gently with his tongue. What would your fiancé say if he saw you doing this?

I took my time, tried various jobs, and I enrolled for a... How did I end up where I am with her and why do I stay here? I parked in the guest lot and hung a press ID from the rearview mirror in case a security guard patrolled the lot and wondered what a strange car was doing there at 7 o’clock on a school night. I rolled up the window, got out and locked the door behind me. Vic called a little after 3 AM, waking me from a restless sleep. “It’s the hour of my maximum revenge.” She hung up. Read On Added: | Category: Femdom | Avg Score: 4 | Words: 1,209 | Tags: femdom quickie sex masturbation college sex reluctance oral sex public place | 3 Comments "No one who has ever trusted me regretted it," she said.… continue reading »

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