Stop dating bad men

12-Jan-2020 02:23

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Women always say, “I didn’t know he was like that” when their boyfriends perform acts that cause everyone around them shame.

In some cases they really weren’t aware of the boyfriend’s mischievous deeds, but in other cases women knew well in advance they just hoped he would stop.

Yet, you have always had a funny feeling in your gut that he was the one who made off with your dad’s tools, took your favorite CD, helped himself to some cash sitting around, and other important items. The kind of plan you come up with can’t be easily figured out by him and if you sincerely want your restless conscience to be at peace, then go to great lengths to figure out whether he is trustworthy.

Time is money and the longer you stay with him, the more items will go missing.

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He will call you, at times when he knows you are out and about to see if you will be in the proximity where he will be entertaining the other woman or women.She will have to stand up carrying her self-respect in hand and walk right through the door of “end the relationship now.” The following advice is written for women who haven’t yet made a commitment or a baby with a “bad boy.” She may be struggling with whether she is ready to settle down with him, distance herself from him or keep him as a friend.

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