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10-Nov-2020 11:47

I'm Hazel from Taiwan and currently work and live in Taichung.I learn foreign languages for my interest and I like language exchanging because I like to communicate with people around the world.the opposite of what local Taiwanese girls stereotypically want to see from a “foreigner”), but I received numerous matches on Tinder during the brief period I used it in Taiwan.I would, however, say that the OP is correct (from my experiences, at least) that most matches don’t necessarily lead to follow-up conversations. There are 4 people in my family, including my father, my mother, my sister, and me.

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They want something exotic and somebody to practice English with.

I actually found it incredibly frustrating just how many of the girls I matched with replied to me with one-word answers or didn’t bother replying at all.

My friend who is more stereotypically attractive to Taiwanese girls (blonde hair and all the rest) also found this to be the case.

I still working on these two language in my free time. Mandarin is my native language and I can speak Taiwanese very well, if you’re interested. I am an Electroic Engineer & got a master degree from NCKU.

I just came back from Guatemala and i took spanish lessson there. I’m not gold member, but you’re very welcome to contact me. Ii*ne: sk*yp*e: w*ec*hat: Location Taiwan Tainan English:basic Japanese:new beginner Hello. I hope that I can know some interesting people in Taiwan from having discussing. You’ll be successful if you speak more than 1 language. But I’m not sure its a suitable place to talk about them. I’ve had dozens of girlfriends in Asia from that alone.

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