Teen sex chat bot dating and being in a relationship

02-Feb-2020 12:53

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In addition to its software, Roo has content creators, “sexperts,” who compose fact-checked responses.

Another employee edits the text to ensure Roo answers in a consistently “friendly, welcoming, non-gendered, nonjudgmental” tone, said Molitor.

To parents concerned their kids are learning about sex online, Molitor stressed that Planned Parenthood’s aim is to bring families into this dialogue.“What we want is for parents to be able to have the conversation with their kids around the topic of sexual and reproductive health,” said Molitor.

Gillian Dean, senior director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood, said that Roo will be an invaluable tool for young people who may not always be in an environment where conversations about sex are comfortable or permissible.“Both as a parent of teenagers and a provider of sexual and reproductive health services, I’ve seen how these topics are stigmatized — causing some young people to feel shame or judgement when asking questions about their bodies,” Dean said.As a parent, you’ve got a lot more weird stuff to worry about than the question, “Where do babies come from?