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25-Oct-2019 08:24

They have one of the longest forked tongues of all snake species.

They use it to help them sense what is going on around them.

The males tend to be thicker around and to be longer.

They also feature a wide head that is very large overall. The color for the King Cobra will depend on the location where they live.

This particular type of snake is also one that stays close to bodies of water.

They are highly adaptable and that has accounted for them being found in many unusual places.

The longest venomous snake in the world is the King Cobra.

This is a snake that has many people worried because of the way they look and the size of them.

Many males may all be headed in the direction of the same female.There will always be some types of bands that run over them from the top down. They also have very sharp fangs with teeth that turn inward.The overall appearance of the King Cobra gives it a look that appears to be very intense as well as fierce.This will then allow them to open up the jaws widely and swallow the prey whole.

They will do most of their hunting at night but don’t be surprised if you see them active during daylight hours as well.They need colors that allow them to have sufficient camouflage.