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Authorities have exerted censorial pressure on a wide range of activists, impeding the kind of vigorous monitoring and reporting that can draw attention to and help curb human rights abuses.2 Although the Prime Minister decreed in 2007 that journalists should not face prison for “for reasons related to their work,” current media law allows imprisonment of journalists and suspension of publication for publishing “materials that cause confusion among the public.” The government monitors press content, and journalists routinely exercise self-censorship.3 Though the emirate of Dubai has established itself as a regional and international hub for media by creating a media zone authority that allows 100% foreign ownership and offers tax breaks.

ONI test results show that Internet is filtered in this hub, and there are reports of other forms of censorship.4 For example, Dubai authorities interrupted the broadcast of two Pakistani TV stations, Geo News and Ary One World, in November 2007.

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By end of October 2008, Etisalat's ADSL accounts constituted around 36 percent of the operator's total fixed lines.10 Etisalat remains the dominant telecom provider, but in the interest of competition, the UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) facilitated the launch of the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, named Du.

Established in 2007, Du is an integrated telecommunications provider formed by a paid-up capital of USD 1.1 billion which offers voice, data and entertainment on mobile networks and converged broadband, TV, and landline services.11 Competition in the broadband Internet market is limited because the two ISPs still do not share each other’s networks, and Du is still unable to offer broadband Internet or landline telephone services outside of a handful of property developments in Dubai where it owns the physical telephone network.12 Because Etisalat has been the sole telecom company for 30 years, it owns the national telephone network, based on both copper wire and new fiber-optic cables.13 In an effort to increase the number of visitors to Arabic Web sites and promote and strengthen the UAE's identity, in March 2009 the UAE’s Ministerial Council for Services approved a proposal by the TRA to put the UAE country code top-level domain in Arabic (Emarat).

Each emirate maintains a large degree of independence, and the UAE is governed by a Supreme Council of Rulers consisting of the seven emirs of the emirates.

Though the UAE is one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf, it was until December 2006 the only state in the region not to have elected bodies.1 The UAE’s economy continues to grow, but civil society is stagnate and human rights progress has been slow.

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