Updating a record in mysql

22-Jul-2020 09:22

updating a record in mysql-59

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The form which allows the user to make changes should display existing information in input boxes for editing. Once again we make use of the mysql_query and mysql_num_rows functions.Then we create a while loop, insert a basic html form inside and use PHP echo statements in the value field to display existing data.And now I'm stuck to why it won't update the record. where UID=8; ----------------- --------- ------------- -------- -------------- | manu | model | deploy_date | sernum | sysversion | ----------------- --------- ------------- -------- -------------- | Sam's Computers | GX 1000 | 08/58/2002 | 230948 | Windows 2003 | ----------------- --------- ------------- -------- -------------- 1 row in set (0.00 sec) What we want is 08/08/2003 as the deploy_date. We need an HTML file to select the UID to update, a PHP file to display the current record and provide fields to update, and another PHP file to confirm the update and apply it to the database. The ideal query form used for editing records, should display the existing data and allow the user to pick a line number for editing purposes.The code for displaying data from the previous lesson could be used for this purpose.The SET option is used to assign the values received from the previous form to the fields name and birthday WHERE the ud_id string matches the id field.

And I've checked if the query works using this: $fp = 'fp1'; $ins = mysql_query(' UPDATE status_tab SET status="$name" where proj_id="$fp"', $connection); IT DOES!

In this example we knew that apples had an column has been updated too, even though we didn't specify an update for that column.

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