Updating django

25-Jan-2020 06:52

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We can get several benefits from the newer version of the django.

Upgrading to the newer version might be a complex process.

As code complexity and structure can vary, so does the time required to do this operation.

For newer apps this is no big deal, you just have to explicitly add it to the foreign keys definition: This should not affect migrations if the app started with Django 1.11.But, It’s always recommended to upgrade the Django applications to newer versions.I recently upgraded a Django app we had on Django 1.6 to Django 1.11. This article was written by Anjaneyulu on Apr 12, 2018 in python , django , version-upgrade . We love building amazing apps for web and mobile for our clients.This is done after 1.11, but even if not defined, the app will work well as there is no change in the model states.

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Since in 2.0 is no default value defined, it will cause inconsistency from the migration to the model states, as the field gets defined in the models (as Django demands) but it is missing in the migrations.

Let’s assume the app uses this route configuration: Usually, this will be a list of URL that gets included from a third party package, but it can also be used with the internal apps.