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The N-Gage QD is about 20 percent smaller than the original and has been redesigned for more comfortable use as a cell phone.One version is set to go on sale in May in Europe, Asia and Africa, and a second in late June in the Americas. Nokia last year as a high-end multifunction device with basic cell phone functions, advanced graphics for games and a built-in MP3 player."We've gotten a lot of learning with the N-Gage over the last few months," said Nada Usina, general manager of entertainment media for Nokia's American division."We took that feedback from consumers and really worked to address those concerns." The current N-Gage also has been rapped for offering few games that exploit the device's connectivity options--only three games currently offer multiplayer connections via GSM phone connection.As a telephony device, the newer N-Gage no longer supported three GSM frequency bands 900/1800/1900; instead it came in two dual-band variants, one for the American market and another for the European and Asian markets.The only change made to the device's buttons was the replacement of the original five-way controller (four ordinal directions and a center "click" or confirm) with a simpler four-way directional controller and a separate "OK" button with a check logo.The QD did not support MP3 internally; however, it could still play MP3s with third-party software, albeit only in 16 k Hz mono.

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updating ngage qd-46

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the N-Gage QD Silver Edition could be seen as an exercise in extending the life of the N-Gage product range while new N-Gage devices were developed and the N-Gage gaming range was integrated into the mainstream Series 60 product range.The device met with wide-ranging criticism and consumer apathy, however, and that sales have been at the low end of expectations.