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On the GO, the SD card may be used alongside the internal flash. navcore 9alongside navcore 8does not always work) Hacking tip: Backup, clear internal flash, and run from SD cards only.

You can choose to leave the navcore on the internal flash or put it on the SD card, and put maps on internal flash or on SD. On the GO, a working navcore on the SD card will be used. Unless you drive around the world or want to carry lots of media files and a media player a 4GB SDHC card will do.

Flash can be corrected (and formatted) using the normal disk maintenance tools of your OS (FAT32). The most important problem is that the FAT file-system is not suited for flash memory, especially large ones (You cannot use another file-system).

To fix more complex problems, format the flash with an external card reader using: "I cannot get Loquendo voices working on my TT.": You probably have a TT model One V1/V2/V3/V4, XL, XL-30, GO Classic, or GO300/500.

To the best of my knowledge, these cards require bootloader 5.5012 or later.

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GOx30: 530, 730 & 930 are almost the same: the differences are flash size and EPT in the 930 (the GO630 is the odd one out). The GOx50 is like GOx40 (and the GO9000), the most most noticeable differences are FM & MP3, which are left out in the x50. The One series has differences within the series, as well as the XL series. ": TTuser makes hacked versions of the different navcores for special needs.

(Thanks to tt09 for this item)" "Quickfix GPS does not work": For Global Locate GPS chips get (One V3/V4, One XL, XL30, ??

GOx40/x50, One IQ, XL IQ): Create (or clean) a directory ephem\ in the root of your TT.

They have 32MB RAM instead of 64MB in the other models.

Loquendo TTS requires a lot of working memory, and 32MB is not enough in most situations.

(Until now, all Tom Tom navcores had bugs, and all SE-navcore / TT-model combinations had more bugs).