Validating radiobuttonlist Girls dating sex ma

19-Feb-2020 00:43

I am using Page_Client Validate("Group Name") to validate the groups.

The problem arises when i validate multiple groups.

(Also, there are many examples online using checkboxes, but that doesn't really help me here at all...) How can I check upon the Button Click if there were no selections made in a repeater control, containing a dynamically populated Radio Button List? -S protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) private void Data Bind Questions() protected void rptr Questions_Item Data Bound(object sender, Repeater Item Event Args e) protected void btn Grade_Click (object source, Event Args e) Validation how??

Try converting it with: Make sure the feild is an email address Hey coolkidsonly, your initial posting didn't show us anything to look at. But when the controls i want to validate is initially hidden, it seems that the validation doesn't not work. By the way, my hidden controls is in a table inside a Pop Up Panel which is inside an Update Panel. protected void button1_Click(object sender, Event Args e) { &nbs...validation control in runtime dont recognized control to validate i have repeater with textbox and dropdown, according t some value i set visible = true / false to each one of these controlsnow , in some textbox i want to add programaticly a required field to validate this text box and i get the following massage: "Unable to find control id ' ROOT_UNIT' referenced by the ' Control To Validate' property of ' ' "here is some code: Private Const Root Unit Control Id As String = "ROOT_UNIT" looping the repeater with repeater item (ri) Else If type = Segment Info....

If the custom control is in the same naming container AND does not implement INaming Container, you can create a property that lets the user assign the control to validate. Control To Validate property to the value of that property.-...