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16-Feb-2020 13:01

Part of the problem is that many examples sold on Ebay are misattributed, often the case is that the coin had excessive die polishing/wear so it increases the gap slightly but not nearly as much as a true Wide AM.In regards to die wear, just remember to always check the initials as well. I will be heading back down to home in Russell Springs this April, to visit mom and all.was hoping to pick up some rolls to bring back to Maine..In the last week, I came up with (2) 2000 and just found a really nice 1998 WAM.One of the 2000's has some corrosion, but it is in decent shape. One thing I've learned is hind site is always clearer.This, to me, is further proof that these coins are not at all common. BWT, I live in the southeastern gateway of the state.

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