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21-Sep-2020 17:19

Tasha and Keith ended their four years long married life with a bitter fight.

The news of Tasha and Keith separation came in to highlight when Tasha made some shocking statement on Keith while filing the divorce.

As she squeezed her way into life, Tasha Smith was raised by a single parent in Camden, New Jersey USA where she was born.

Though she had to battle many years of life to get to the peak of the mountain on which she now stands, Tasha, an American actress, producer, comedian and a model made her strides to the top with determination. Education One's journey is sometimes wrongly perceived by many, when the destination looks glamorous.

She stated that Keith is an alcoholic who reads the books on how to charm a woman.

Besides that Keith also stated that Keith used to exchange her diamond jewelry with the stone with Cubic Zirconias.

Also, Tasha and Sidra were raised by a single mother.

As same as Tasha, her sister Sidra also works in the Hollywood entertainment industry as a producer and writer as well.

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The producer, Sidra has worked in the many TV series including Tasha Smith has not experienced motherhood till now.

Smith had said that when she was in the married relationship with Keith, she was the one who cared Keith kids. Moreover, Tasha has also stated that Keith relation with his kids was not good and Tasha was the one to reform Keith relation with kids.

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After separating from her husband Keith Douglas, who ended up being a fraud, Smith is now ready to give love another chance, this time with Michael.

On the 28th of February 1971, a determined baby, full of passion and resilience entered this world with her twin sister.

Though it was her dream to be well educated, the addiction of crack cocaine, cigarrettes and alcohol would have compelled her to do otherwise and not to pursue such.