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Using this guide, you'll pick up some nice tips especially tailored for this opening week of Wo W Classic, when the servers are swamped and quests are hard to complete with so many players competing to kill every monster.There's a ton of ways to farm gold in Wo W Classic, but one of the best methods requires learning crafting professions and selling items on the auction house for other players to use.Have no fear, though, we have a guide to the best professions for those looking to amass an ungodly amount of wealth.Yeah, so it turns out that you forget a lot about an MMO after 15 years, and during the most recent stress test a Blizzard community manager had to come forward with a list of items that weren't actually bugs but intended features.

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Wo W Classic is built using patch 1.12, titled Drums of War, that released on August 22, 2006.

That's a complicated question and one that largely relies on your preferred playstyle.

Take a look at our class guide which breaks down each individual class and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

It's pretty funny that people forgot how unforgiving Wo W Classic could be, so here's the list:.

Without going into too much detail, all abilities and equipment will function as they did in patch 1.12.Those who already subscribe to Wo W will have Wo W Classic included in the price of their subscription.

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